Cell imaging


Jérôme Polentes : Engineer (CECS)

Céline Leteur: Associate engineer (CECS)


The Cellular Imaging platform includes all equipment that contain at laest an optical component and allows the acquisition of microscopic images of tissues or cells.

The platform provides research teams with the means to visualize, control, illustrate and analyze the work they are doing on their cell lines or tissues.

This equipment can be divided into two areas of activity:


  • Photonic Imaging :

This cluster includes a fleet of conventional microscopes ranging from the simplest (Evos XL Core) allowing the capture of colour images of coloured tissues or cells in phase contrast, to the high resolution offered by confocal microscopy (LSM880 Airyscan), via epifluorescence microscopy.

The diversity of the fleet and the possibilities in terms of sophisticated acquisition (stacks, Time series, Tile scan, newspapers, etc…) give access to a great modularity of acquisition procedures, allowing to meet most of the requirements and needs of users. For more details, see the Photonic Imaging page

Although this pole is initially dedicated to the acquisition of qualitative and illustrative images, the latter can be the subject of quantitative analyses following the development of on-demand analysis tools on software such as ImageJ or Metamorph. For more details, see the Development page.

Associated equipment: Evos XL core, Zeiss epifluorescence microscopes, Zeiss Spinning disk, Confocal LSM880-Airyscan

plateforme imagerie_microscopie

  • Quantitative Imagery :

The Quantitative Imaging cluster includes medium (Incucytes S3 and Zoom; living cells) and high content (CX7, Arrayscan, ImageXPress; living and/or fixed cells) imagers. These machines allow automated multifactorial acquisition and quantitative analysis from multi-well plates cellular samples.

The combination of a robotic arm with some of these machines (ImageXpress and CX7) also allows the analysis of a large number of plates continuously, making these machines compatible with Screening analyses and continuous use during the night and on weekends.

For more details, see the Quantitative Imaging page.

Associated equipment: Image Xpress micro (Molecular Device), CellInsight CX7 (Cellomics), ArrayScan XTI (Cellomics), Incucyte zoom and Incucyte S3 (Essen Biosciences), LEAP

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Cytometry :

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