Cell Biology


Karine Giraud-Triboult : platform Manager (CECS)

Sophie Domingues : platform Engineer (CECS)

Lina El Kassar : platform Engineer (CECS)

Pascal Fragner : platform Engineer (CECS)


Cell Biology platform includes different skills in cellular and molecular biology and can respond to multiple missions needed by I-Stem teams: performance of quality control specific to hPSC and their derivatives and the development of technological tools to improve the efficiency of protocols used in programs implied in clinical trials.

We focus the quality control on the genomic integrity of all hPSC and all their derivatives generated at I-Stem by detecting chromosomal anomalies that lead to major errors in pathological modelling and pharmacology, and introduce severe risks for cell therapy. For this purpose, our team possesses complete cytogenetic equipment and a Metasystems device for karyotyping. Submicroscopic unbalanced anomalies are detected with Infinium HumanCore24 DNA chips (Illumina). Moreover, we undertook collaboration with StemGenomics company (Montpellier, France) to improve techniques for detecting anomalies and in particular known genomic instability in human pluripotent cells and their derivatives.


Our platform plays a key role in the validation and the transfer of technical protocols from “research grade” towards “clinical grade” processes. It is the case in PACE cell therapy program initiated in collaboration with EFS-ABG offering the possibility of grafting GMP human epidermis. We are also associated in PACE2 program which aims to combine epidermis to dermis layer in clinical trials. Our skills in hPSC cultures and differentiation led us to take part in MyoPharm program which includes several projects on ultra-rare neuro-muscular diseases carried out by French research teams.

In R&D field, we acquired real expertise in genome editing (CRISPR/Case9 method), and we are able now to generate an important number of edited colonies needed at I-Stem and in the GTC (Ghosting  The Cells) program developed  with Thierry Heidmann’s team and Viroxis company (Institut Gustave Roussy, Villejuif).







EFS-ABG (Nantes, France)

Viroxis company (Villejuif, France)

Thierry Heidmann’s Directeur de l’unité Physiologie et pathologie moléculaires des rétrovirus endogènes et infectieux (CNRS/Univ. Paris Sud)

Stem Genomics (Montpellier, France)