Local Council

The Paris Area Regional Council

I-Stem has benefited from an important subsidy of the Paris Area Regional Council within the framework of the call for proposals SESAME 2005, for the installation of a platform of automated culture, co-financed by AFM. This call to proposals aims at supporting innovative research projects, carried out in French laboratories, requiring an important material investment for a scientific equipment of a certain scale or for the realization of an original experimental research device. It is addressed to the institutions of research concerned with the public and Para public sector, or private with non lucrative goal.

The Regional Council also granted us a doctoral allowance (A. Marteyn, team of C. Martinat, 2006).


AO 2005: Robotic platform for automated culture and High Throughput Screening

Coordinator: I-Stem. Partners: AFM

Abstract of the request (June 2005)

Within the framework of our activities of research exploring the therapeutic potentials of stem cells in the monogenic diseases, we wish to constitute a screening module of molecules of therapeutic interest, HI-Screen. The originality of our project rests in particular on the use of human embryonic stem cells carrying causal mutation of genetic diseases for the screening. That imposes the production of cells differentiated starting from these lines in very large quantities. It is this need for production (“scale-up”) which led us to want to equip us with an automatic module culture able to maintain the cell cultures for very long periods (several weeks) and to manage the molecules resulting from vast libraries of compounds with a therapeutic potential validated in industry. To supplement the HTS robotic platform, we must add to this automated cellular culture module a preparative unit of test with very high flow which will be able to associate the technologies of test and the biological samples collected on the module of culture.


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