Shinya Yamanaka’s visit (Nobel Prize of medecine, 2012) at I-Stem on November 9th.

The Japanese doctor and researcher, Shinya Yamanaka, rewarded by the Nobel prize on October 8th of this year for its works on iPS* (induced Pluripotent Stem) cells, visited the laboratory I-Stem on Friday, November 9th.

He declared: ” I am very impressed by the technology developed by I-Stem and the works on the stem cells which are led there. We absolutely have to continue to develop this promising way and to bring it up to the patient. Thank you very much for the work which you make and being sure of it, we are together going to progress “.

* A pluripotent stem cell (or iPS) is an adult cell  which was reprogrammed to behave as an embryonic stem cell.

Above, Shinya Yamanaka beside Marc Peschanski, scientific Director of I-Stem (left photo) and surrounded with I-Stem’s leaders team (right photo).


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