‘Investissements d’avenir’ Programs


I-Stem is a member of two national networks that benefit from the French goverment ‘future investments’ grants:



Infrastructure for Translational Research in Neuroscience Biotherapy

NEURATRIS is a program designed to organize open platforms and the provision of services offered to academic and industrial actors on the national and European plans in the field of translational research in neuroscience: – Technology Platforms and high level services, – Development of R & D in the health industry, – Revitalizing the sector and improve the attractiveness and visibility of France.


NEURATRIS is coordinated by Pr Philippe Hantraye from CEA / DSV, I²BM/MIRCen laboratory.




National Infrastructure Engineering for Pluripotent and differentiated Stem cells

INGESTEM is a national distributed infrastructure dedicated to the reprogramming of adult cells into pluripotent stem cells and differentiated cells engineering for modeling human disease and new therapeutic advances.

INGESTEM has two main objectives:

– Provide products and services to the scientific community public and private regional, national or international law;

– Develop R & D programs that will bring new services and innovations exploited through entrepreneurship and start-ups or companies with licenses.

INGESTEM gather five research INSERM units and et platforms :

  • ESTeam Paris-Sud (INSERM U935, Villejuif),
  • I-Stem (INSERM U861, Évry),
  • IGBMC (INSERM U964, IGBMC, Strasbourg),
  • PrimaStem (INSERM U846, SBRI, Lyon),
  • SAFE-iPS (INSERM U1040, IRMB, Montpellier)

INGESTEM is coordonated by Pr Annelise Bennaceur‐Griscelli (ESTeam Paris-Sud, INSERM U935).