Research & Development

Research Teams working on projects targeting specific therapeutic goals

The I-Stem laboratory is an institution dedicated to the exploration of potential therapeutic applications of human ES and iPS cells and therefore, is rather a scientific center focusing on “Research and Development”. The therapeutic target goal is a constant preoccupation which translates into the organisation of teams focused on specific aims and time lines. Such an organisation has enabled us to easily test the “feasibility” of the scientific process since each calendar displays benchmarks, with specific objectives in specified periods.

The current scientific programs of I-Stem

The primary focus of the research teams has been targeting several monogenic diseases. These diseases were chosen primarily as scientific opportunities and their number will be expanded as the I-Stem Institute increases in size.

The ambition of I-Stem is to develop a research technology capable of covering all aspects of discovery and development of therapeutic molecules for pre-clinical trials as defined by clinical and epidemiological studies of monogenic diseases, until a candidate molecule is identified for clinical trials.

For research as well as technological development teams, many industrial and academic partnerships have already been established.