Risks of a European patent ban for its citizens (march-october 2011)

Recent years showed growing misunderstandings between the scientific community and the European Patent Office. It recently reached a new level with the public statement of the European Court of Justice’s advocate general proposing to ban human embryonic stem cells and derivatives from patentability. Thirteen prominent European scientists, each appointed stem cell research consortium coordinators by the European Commission publicly express their opposition to this last development.


They claim “Embryonic stem cell lines are not Embryos”, they are derived from supernumerary embryos from IVF treatments and donated to research. Resulting cells can be maintained in culture indefinitely to produce cell banks but are clearly unable to produce an embryo. The fear of embryo commercialization is simply irrelevant

 It is also a scientific mistake to suggest that induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) may – under the current scientific knowledge – replace embryonic stem cells in cell therapies.

A ban on embryonic stem cells patents would result in European discoveries being exploited elsewhere in the world. It seems unlikely that European patients would be excluded from such future medicines. In consequence, European public health care systems will have to import the applications of its very own discoveries.


In Press :

Doit être exclu de la brevetabilité un procédé qui, en utilisant le prélèvement de cellules souches obtenues à partir d’un embryon humain au stade du blastocyste, entraîne la destruction de l’embryon. , press release (october,18th,2011), Court of Justice of the European Union, on “Curia” website, in french

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‘No’ to ban on stem-cell patents (April, 28th 2011), by Austin Smith extract from the journal “Nature” (Vol. 472 ; page 418), on “Nature” website (not free)

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